2014 Liberty in Film Awards
Moving Picture Institute’s 2014 Liberty in Film Award Winners

Best Picture: Dallas Buyers Club
Telling a story of an AIDS patient forced to defy the FDA to get the treatment he and others need, it promotes entrepreneurship and social tolerance while opposing overbearing government regulation.

Best Female Character: Katniss, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Showing how a powerful central government uses fear and coercion to control its citizens, Katniss's struggle with the Capitol illustrates the dangers of unchecked, unaccountable political power.

Best Male Character: Superman, Man of Steel
Having escaped the authoritarian planet Krypton as a baby, Clark Kent/Superman fights for freedom and individualism on Earth even when he has to combat the US government's own surveillance apparatus.

Fan Favorite: 12 Years A Slave
One of the most powerful films ever made about the brutal, dehumanizing institution of slavery, this acclaimed historical epic reminds us why freedom is one of our most important and cherished values.

Best Comedy: The World’s End
This Edgar Wright comedy begins with friends reuniting for a pub crawl in their hometown and ends with a strong statement about individualism triumphing over totalitarian planning.

Dishonorable mention: Elysium
Portraying a dystopian future where the super-wealthy literally live on another planet, Neill Blomkamp suggests that the answer to inequality is class warfare rather than economic freedom.

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Juche Strong: a short-form documentary that aims to explain how one of the world’s most closed and totalitarian societies continues to exist, despite decades of economic mismanagement and authoritarian repression.

The Project: the breathtaking and action-packed story of a private militia formed to fight Somali pirates who prey on some of the world's busiest shipping lanes.