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Free Market Cure


Free Market Cure is a short film series dedicated to educating the public about single-payer health care systems. America's one-stop answer to the dangerous fantasy that the government can and should manage your medical future, the short films hosted at FreeMarketCure.com reveal the inconvenient truths about such systems by presenting stories from countries that have already implemented them. A Short Course in Brain Surgery focuses on an Ontario man who must travel to the United States to receive timely medical treatment for his cancerous brain tumor. Two Women contrasts the story of a Canadian woman who is denied an urgently needed bladder operation with that of a transsexual who successfully lobbies for government support for a sex change operation. Uninsured in America shows how misinformation about health insurance is currently dominating the national discussion in the United States, while The Lemon compares single-payer health care systems to the failed economic systems of Soviet-era Eastern Europe.

Created by independent filmmaker Stuart Browning, the films on the FreeMarketCure.com website have already been viewed millions of times by concerned citizens. The website also hosts commentary by policy experts David Gratzer (a physician and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute), David Hogberg (a senior analyst at the National Center for Public Policy Research), and David Catron (an expert on health care finance).

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    • 3.19.08The Free Market Cure film series screens at 6:30 p.m. at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, AZ
    • 7.15.07FreeMarketCure.com's Stuart Browning appears on the Fox News Channel's Hannity's America
    • 6.28.07FreeMarketCure.com's Stuart Browning appears on the Fox News Channel's Your World with Neal Cavuto
    • 6.21.07Screening of FreeMarketCure.com's short films on health care, hosted by the Cato Institute and MPI, Rayburn Building, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C.
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