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Museum of Government Waste


40-year-old Floridian Greg Knapp is fed up. Concerned for his children’s future and outraged by spiraling national debt, Greg heads to Washington, D.C. There, Greg learns that as a regular citizen he has no access inside the Beltway. Instead of packing his bags and giving up, he decides to play the Washington game. Greg hires a lobbyist and goes after his own piece of wasteful pork—an earmark for a Museum of Government Waste.

Greg’s journey takes him across the country, from pork barrel landmarks like the Teapot Museum in Sparta, North Carolina, to the offices of high-profile lobbyists and, eventually, to a private fundraiser for one of Capitol Hill’s most powerful politicians. Along the way, he realizes that the American political process is in worse shape than he ever dreamed—and that he just might get his earmark after all. Original hidden camera footage offers a jaw-dropping look at where our tax dollars are going—and at how our elected officials are behaving.

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