Apply to Attend Our 2019 Screenwriting Workshops


“Calling Card” and “Documentary Storytelling” Kick Off in January

Attention screenwriters—we’re excited to announce the launch of MPI’s 2019 screenwriting workshop series. This year, we’re offering six 13-week screenwriting workshops on Writing the “Calling Card” Short, Documentary Storytelling, and Concept Development.

Projects developed in MPI’s workshops, such as Toby Fell-Holden’s Balcony and Laura Waters Hinson’s Moving Violation, have gone on to significant success and acclaim at festivals.

Workshops will take the form of an hour-long, weekly conference call; participants will also complete weekly reading and watching assignments. Each participant will receive a $1,000 fellowship from MPI.

Our first two workshops of the year, Writing the “Calling Card” Short and Documentary Storytelling, kick off in January. Applications are due by January 2, 2019.

Have an idea for a script and interested in applying? Visit our Screenwriting Workshops page to learn more.