"How Jack Became Black" Now Available on VOD!



We’re thrilled to share that the MPI-supported film How Jack Became Black is now available to rent or purchase via iN Demand (check your cable provider's listings), iTunes, and Amazon Video

This documentary, written and directed by MPI filmmaker Eli Steele, examines what it is like to be multiracial in an America dominated by identity politics. 

Born to a black father and a Jewish mother, Steele has long battled the forces of identity politics, from college campuses to places of employment. He believes that dignity individuals superseded the color of their skin -- and he was deeply shaken when his son was denied entrance to a public school for refusing to name his "primary race." 

Why does race still matter so much? Has identity politics, with its promise of redeeming America from the old ethos of white supremacy, delivered a new racial order where skin color, once again, trumps character? And if 20% of Americans will identify as multiracial by 2020, what will this mean to a nation that has been tormented by race throughout its history?
To answer these questions, Steele spoke with multiracial Americans, explored racial controversies in the George Zimmerman trial, and attended a conference on white privilege. How Jack Became Black delivers an unvarnished look at race in America from the perspective of a man with no allegiance to a single tribe.

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