We the Internet TV Launches #FunnyHateTour

WTI TV ’s head writer Lou Perez onstage

WTI TV’s head writer Lou Perez onstage

The Funny Thing About Hate Speech with Lou Perez Brings Comedy to Serious Debate

Last Thursday, We the Internet TV’s head writer Lou Perez kicked off the 2019 campus tour, The Funny Thing About Hate Speech, to a full house at SubCulture in NYC.

After some back and forth banter with the audience, Lou premiered the latest WTI TV mini-documentary, 5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech. Then former ACLU president Nadine Strossen and free-speech activist Zach Wood, both of whom are featured in the mini-doc, joined Lou onstage to discuss their first-hand experience of being censored.

This show was the first of five stops -- Lou plans to bring the tour to Denver, Portland, Berkeley, and Raleigh this fall. He promises new panelists for each show, along with fresh jokes and loud outfits. As always, he welcomes hecklers with open arms.

If you haven’t watched the mini-doc yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out here and be sure to visit WTI TV’s website for updates on tour dates and locations.