In the Spotlight: MPI Filmmaker and Director Rob Montz

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Rob Montz Dubbed “Star Turn” for His Online Video Geniusness

Last week, Quillette, an online magazine dedicated to providing a platform for free thought, published an article on MPI filmmaker and director Rob Montz. They praise Rob as a serious documentarian who has the uncanny ability to produce high-end, intellectually sophisticated, and entertaining online videos.

Rob, who is best known for his fast-paced and hard-hitting short documentaries, produced and directed We the Internet TV’s campus free-speech trilogy Silence U. Silence U: Part 2 was awarded the 2018 Reason Video Prize and was covered in The New York Times and the College Fix.

His latest We the Internet TV mini-doc, Is Instagram Destroying Teenage Girls? A Montz Micro-Dose, examines how social media may be contributing to rising rates of depression amongst teenage girls.

You can watch Rob’s WTI mini-docs and more at the Moving Picture Institute's comedy news channel We the Internet TVand read the full Quillette article here.