the perfect one

From the Set of 'The Perfect One'

MPI filmmaker Matthew Szewczyk on set.

MPI filmmaker Matthew Szewczyk on set.

A Morality Tale About Innovation in the Free Market

In 2018, after years of participating in MPI programing, earning acclaim at festivals, and doing impressive commercial work, filmmaker Matthew Szewczyk participated in MPI’s Calling Card workshop to develop a new short film that could showcase his storytelling and directing skills. There, he developed The Perfect One, a script about a young painter who revives his family’s failing business by taking an innovative risk. After the workshop, MPI acquired the script to produce the film as an MPI Original with Matthew directing.

The three-day shoot took place last month in New York. MPI would like to extend a special thanks to the cast, crew, and everyone who made this film possible.

More updates are on the way, but in the meantime, enjoy these behind-the-scenes shots from photographer David Moriya.