Film Production & Promotion

MPI’s Film Production and Promotion Program financially supports and promotes high-quality films that advance freedom. Films in this program include original content developed by MPI in-house, as well as independent works selected and sponsored by MPI. Grants are available for completed works as well as projects currently in production and pre-production.

Films participating in this program win awards and receive critical acclaim at film festivals across the globe. They screen in theaters and on prominent television networks worldwide. They reach a wide audience by DVD, as well as online through Netflix, iTunes, and more.

Films greenlighted through this program may also receive MPI fiscal sponsorship, which enables a filmmaker to use MPI’s tax-exempt nonprofit status when receiving grants or raising additional funding. For more information about funding opportunities, see MPI’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program page.

“[Battle for Brooklyn] proves a deft look at a reluctant crusader and how financial sway and political override can so effectively trump the power of the average citizen.”

Gary Goldstein, The Los Angeles Times