Screenwriting Workshop

MPI's Screenwriting Workshops give freedom-oriented screenwriters the tools to take their storytelling skills to new heights. MPI teaches participants how to refine their treatments and scripts in order to create strong storylines, compelling characters, and clean structures. The workshops help both documentary and narrative filmmakers translate their ideas into compelling, marketable stories in a collaborative environment.

Screenwriters attend regular virtual workshop sessions, with each session focusing on one of the participants' active projects. Workshop fellows also receive a small stipend.

Leading the seminars are MPI vice presidents Erin O'Connor and Maurice Black, who both hold PhDs in literature and have more than two decades of college teaching experience combined. Together, they provide workshop participants with personal feedback and valuable instruction. Their expertise in storytelling — from character and plot to language and tone — is a terrific asset to fellows' development.

“I've truly enjoyed this experience. I want to extend an open invitation to any of the others to share work with me .... I'm happy to help any of the others with future drafts and development of any other projects.”

Screenwriting Workshop Participant