ABOUT the program

The Moving Picture Institute's Rising Filmmaker Program awards grants to filmmakers who are committed to developing and producing marketable projects about human freedom. 

We have supported the careers of over 100 producers, directors, editors, and screenwriters grantees. Participants receive financial support for their work, work closely with mentors, and take part in workshops and masterclasses.

apply to the program

We encourage filmmakers who are interested in applying for a Rising Filmmaker Program grant to participate in our screenwriting workshops. Projects developed in our workshops are occasionally selected for production partnerships and are given preference in the application process. 

Applications may be submitted at any time, but please note that applications are only reviewed on a cyclical basis 3 times per year. Due to the high volume of submissions, we only contact applicants who advance to the next round of consideration. Only online applications are accepted. Please do not mail or call


Application information for 2019 forthcoming

MPI has been my ticket into the world of film. Now I feel responsible for working my tail off to make films that move and inspire people.
— Moving Picture Institute filmmaker