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Rob Pfaltzgraff is a producer and executive producer with almost 15 years' experience in the world of independent film. He has served as president of the Moving Picture Institute since its founding in 2005, leading the organization from a small startup to a dynamic production house and key talent incubator. Pfaltzgraff has raised and overseen millions of dollars in financing for MPI's award-winning productions; his executive producer credits include Mama Rwanda, Incarcerating US, and the Webby Award-winning comedy news channel We the Internet TV. He graduated from Tufts University.


+ Nick Reid

Nick Reid, the Moving Picture Institute's senior vice president, is responsible for shaping and executing fundraising strategy; he also serves as a member of our executive team. He is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and holds a certificate in management from Georgetown University. Prior to joining the Moving Picture Institute, Nick was the executive vice president of a nonprofit organization where he oversaw development operations and college student leadership development programs.


Lana Link, the Moving Picture Institute's vice president of talent development, recruits filmmakers into our grant programs and classes. She produces films and masterclasses. She also writes original screenplays as a member of our creative team. Lana is a graduate of the University of Chicago and a former Fulbright grant recipient in Vienna, Austria. She earned her JD from Pepperdine University School of Law and her certificate in independent producing from UCLA Extension.


+ Jason W. Pompilio

Jason W. Pompilio, the Moving Picture Institute's director of business operations, works on day-to-day operations covering areas of data integrity, event planning, project management, and development research. Jason earned his BA in finance and marketing from the University of Kentucky, his MS in applied and resource economics from East Carolina University, and his MPS in legislative affairs from George Washington University.


+ Joseph Corey

Joseph Corey, the Moving Picture Institute’s director of philanthropic investments, works closely with our supporters and executes fundraising strategy. A native of Rochester, Michigan, Joseph holds a BS in economics and philosophy from Central Michigan University and an MPhil in political thought and intellectual history from the University of Cambridge.

+ Allison Ryan

Allison Ryan, the Moving Picture Institute’s director of communications and marketing, is responsible for crafting and executing strategies that amplify the organization’s work. She previously served as the director of media relations for a D.C.-based think tank, where she oversaw daily media outreach and developed comprehensive communications strategies for research products. Allison earned her BA in government from the University of Texas at Austin.

+ Tara Gallardy

Tara Gallardy, the Moving Picture Institute’s director of audience engagement, plans all major events across the organization with special emphasis on building an ongoing community of freedom minded individuals. She earned her BA in communications and public relations from Shippensburg University. Prior to joining the Moving Picture Institute, Tara was the director of events of a nonprofit organization where she oversaw the development, execution, and evaluation of all donor and student events.

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+ Deb Schick

Deb Schick, the Moving Picture Institute’s development coordinator, assists with the coordination of communications, fundraising and development efforts. Prior to joining the Moving Picture Institute, Deb worked as an independent editor and a senior manager in book and technology retail. Deb studied English literature and philosophy at the University of Rhode Island.


+ Hannah Ruth Earl

Hannah Ruth Earl, the Moving Picture Institute's talent associate, works on our talent development programs, including recruiting and acquisitions for grants, internships, and masterclasses. She previously worked in independent film production at Bold Films and Rumble Films. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Hannah holds an MA in religion from Yale Divinity School.