Rob Pfaltzgraff, the Moving Picture Institute's president, has served as an executive producer for numerous film projects and has overseen millions of dollars in grant awards. He is responsible for our day-to-day operations, including financial management, and fundraising. Rob graduated from Tufts University and joined the Moving Picture Institute in 2006.


+ Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor, PhD, the Moving Picture Institute's executive vice president, holds a BA in English from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate in English language and literature from the University of Michigan. Shaping the Moving Picture Institute's mission while also overseeing MPI’s program work, Erin is active in the Moving Picture Institute's production, fundraising, educational, and acquisition efforts. She leads MPI’s creative team and is the writer of Miss Virginia.

+ Maurice Black

Maurice Black, PhD, the Moving Picture Institute's executive vice president, earned his BA in English and economics from the National University of Ireland and his doctorate in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania. He is active in strategy, programming, talent development, and communications. Maurice also writes and develops original narrative film content as a member of our creative team.


+ Nick Reid

Nick Reid, the Moving Picture Institute's senior vice president, is responsible for shaping and executing fundraising strategy; he also serves as a member of our executive team. He is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and holds a certificate in management from Georgetown University. Prior to joining the Moving Picture Institute, Nick was the executive vice president of a nonprofit organization where he oversaw development operations and college student leadership development programs.


Lana Link, the Moving Picture Institute's vice president of talent development, recruits filmmakers into our grant programs and classes. She produces films and masterclasses. She is also writes original screenplays as a member of our creative team. Lana is a graduate of the University of Chicago and a former Fulbright grant recipient in Vienna, Austria. She earned her JD from Pepperdine University School of Law and her certificate in independent producing from UCLA Extension.


+ Jason W. Pompilio

Jason W. Pompilio, the Moving Picture Institute's director of business operations, works on day-to-day operations covering areas of data integrity, event planning, project management, and development research. Jason earned his BA in finance and marketing from the University of Kentucky, his MS in applied and resource economics from East Carolina University, and his MPS in legislative affairs from George Washington University.


+ Joseph Corey

Joseph Corey, the Moving Picture Institute’s director of philanthropic investments, works closely with our supporters and executes fundraising strategy. A native of Rochester, Michigan, Joseph holds a BS in economics and philosophy from Central Michigan University and an MPhil in political thought and intellectual history from the University of Cambridge.


+ Stacie Fulcher

Stacie Fulcher, the Moving Picture Institute’s program director, identifies and recruits promising young filmmakers into our Hollywood Career Launch Program. Stacie places interns in coveted industry internships, and facilitates opportunities for training, mentoring, and networking. She also helps to build and maintain a vibrant alumni network among filmmakers who have participated in our many programs and workshops. She holds a BA in political science from the University of Georgia.


+ Claudia Murray

Claudia Murray, the Moving Picture Institute’s senior impact producer, develops impact campaigns and press plans designed to accompany our films and series. She is also a director and writer on our creative team. A lifelong advocate for civil liberties, Claudia began her career as an attorney for the Institute for Justice. Claudia earned a BA in creative writing and a subsequent JD from the University of Florida.


+ Nicole Wisdom

Nicole Wisdom, the Moving Picture Institute's impact producer, runs our community and campus screening programs. A former intern in our Hollywood Career Launch Program, Nicole has worked closely with top industry players and has extensive experience in reality television. She earned a BA in philosophy, politics & law from the University of Southern California where she also studied film. Nicole serves as a committee member for the Young Professionals division of the Human Rights Watch in Los Angeles.


+ Hannah Ruth Earl

Hannah Ruth Earl, the Moving Picture Institute's program associate, works on our talent development programs, including recruiting and acquisitions for grants, internships, and masterclasses. She previously worked in independent film production at Bold Films and Rumble Films. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Hannah holds an MA in religion from Yale Divinity School.


+ Amanda Burtka

Amanda Burtka, the Moving Picture Institute's communications associate, assists in copywriting, design, and marketing efforts across the organization. Prior to joining the Moving Picture Institute, she worked in regulatory writing and as an independent writing and editing consultant. Passionate about ideas and stories, Amanda earned her BA in English literature from Regent University.