From grants to workshops, the Moving Picture Institute's talent development programs
give filmmakers the opportunities they
need to succeed.

filmmaker grants

The Moving Picture Institute's Rising Filmmaker Program provides grants to support the films and career development of filmmakers who are committed to telling stories about human freedom. Learn more. Applications closed for 2018.

intern Placements

The Moving Picture Institute's Hollywood Career Launch program places students and recent graduates in internship positions at major studios, production companies, and on film sets. Learn more. Application deadline: Rolling

cinematography Workshop

The Moving Picture Institute's four-day cinematography workshop, Moving Picturecraft, gives filmmakers hands-on instruction from noted cinematographers. Learn more. Applications closed for 2018.

editing Workshop

The Moving Picture Institute's four-day editing workshop, the Mindful Editor, immerses students in the craft of editing through expert instruction and hands-on experience. Learn more. Applications closed for 2018.


The Moving Picture Institute offers virtual screenwriting workshops throughout the year. Next application deadline: May 1, 2019


Comedy Residency

The Moving Picture Institute's comedy residency gives comedians and comedy writers the opportunity to work on our popular online comedy news channel. Learn more. Applications closed for 2018.


The Moving Picture Institute's masterclasses connect our network with top professionals from across the entertainment industry. Learn more. Application deadline: Rolling

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Moving Picture Institute offers fiscal sponsorship for select projects that advance our mission of promoting freedom through film. Learn more. Application deadline: Rolling